I grow things.



Creative + Analytical


MS in Industrial Design; Art Center College of Design

MBA in Innovation Systems Design; Peter Drucker school of Management

BFA in Theater; New York University



Professional Work



Co-housing (Community is important to me and I love thinking about systems and incentives)

Design for pre-attentive processing (Do we actually like consciously interacting with screens? ...what if our attention could be elsewhere?)

Brand definition (My style is very adaptive and individualizing design to each client is one of my superpowers - be it for Sanrio or Caltech.)

Collaborative desert art (I help build giant musical tesla coils, mesh one-sies for mad-scientists, light splitting disco balls, and large brain art cars that light up based on EEG signals.)

Cooking for people restrictive diets (I eat everything and love cooking - but it means so much to this group.)