I grow things.



Creative + Analytical


MS in Industrial Design; Art Center College of Design

MBA in Innovation Systems Design; Peter Drucker school of Management

BFA in Theater; New York University



Professional Work



Co-housing (Community is important to me. For the past three years, I have lived with diverse people in a legal warehouse of artists, CEO's, scientists, etc. in SOMA, SF.)

Design for pre-attentive processing (Do we actually like thinking about interacting with screens? ...what if our attention could be elsewhere?)

Brand definition (My design style is very adaptive and I have loved working on every project I have been on. This makes me really excited to take on design challenges based on individualization towards whatever brand I design for - Be it Sanrio or Caltech.)

User testing (Historically, I am a designer that will actively try to invalidate my good ideas in order to find a better one.)

Collaborative desert art (I help build giant musical tesla coils, mesh one-sies for mad-scientists, and large brain art cars that light up based on EEG signals.)

Costumes (I have hand made all of my Halloween costumes since I was in first grade.)

Cooking for people with super restrictive diets (I eat everything and love cooking - but it means so, so much to this group especially.)