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Case Study: Gatsbi

Goal - What is the "Ideal Food Experience"?

Food is a trendy space and there are many offerings in what seems to be a crowded market. Are there new business opportunities we can find?



My Thesis Work. A qualitative approach to discover the "Ideal Food Experience".


Research has shown stress around costs, skill, and planning for high experience food events.


Principle Investigator, User Research, In-Person Interviews, UI/UX, Strategy, User testing.


Grace Woo - Gatsbi Co-founder, MIT PhD ('12) in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.



We have tested the concept/app on over 60 paying customers and continue to design and refine the experience. We are building the current mobile app in using material design principles.



Process Overview:


Main Research Findings:

Three significant insights -

1. Insights around eating for UTILITY vs. EXPERIENCE.

2. THANKSGIVING as an untapped cultural longing.

3. Need to solve UX around four big pain points: COST, COMPLEXITY, DOUBT, and STRESS.


Hypothesis testing of initial concepts with users:

Refining the value prop with paying users.


Final Concept: GATSBI

Gatsbi distributes the tasks and cost of making a complicated meal to multiple guests though mobile technology.

(please play video below to see ideal UX)


How does it work?

Our tech plans and distributes the entire dinner party from groceries to cooking, so hosts (and guests) can just show up!


Why is this valuable?

Through technology, Gatsbi helps you focus on people and break the ice!

Modern get to-gethers like birthdays, bachelorette parties, and other special occasions may have a mix of people that do not know each other well. Gatsbi helps create new connections by assigning guests simple things to do as a team.


Design Execution:

Below are initial designs informed by research.



Beta testing:

please visit if you would like to sign up to beta test.

(below are images of users at previous events)


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