Parasol Pavilion: Parametric Design, Technical Drawings


Parasol Pavilion


 A building that breathes

The Parasol Pavilion is a responsive structure that uses efficient materials and construction as nature would. The movement and form is inspired by a regional pine cone that opens and closes in response to temperature change.


Initial Form Exploration


Generative Design - inspiration through making

Our directives were to use cutting edge parametric design and additive/subtractive manufacturing methods, create new materials, and to make a truly disruptive space in an otherwise conservative location.


Bio-Plastic Material Design

Discovering through experimentation

Work by Anastasia Hanan and Stefanie Dhillon. Our team experimented with bio plastic in our kitchens based on cutting edge research and sustainable methods of production. The recipes and ingredients went on to be displayed in the client's architecture studio in Spain.


Technical Specs

Specifications for a first of its kind pneumatically controlled window system

I engineered and built a working model of the window design using a bike pump, press-board, heat-molded acrylic, metal paneling and a laser cutter!

All Spec drawings below by Anastasia Hanan



Concrete + Fabric Build

We tested the concept for a fabric and concrete build.


Finished Presentation Materials

Adapting the design to client feedback

The client loved our pine-cone inspired idea of a "breathing" building, but the reciprocal frame was not as cost effective as another groups idea of pouring cement into a fabric mold. 

Reciprocal design by Stella E. Lee, Anastasia Hanan, and Sean Chen


Final Pavilion

Much additional work was done after my involvement in the project with engineers and architects on location. (read more about this here). Below is the in-progress final pavilion, built on-site in Costa Brava, Spain.

Photo by Jordi Alcalà

Photo by Jordi Alcalà


Other Work: